Wesley, aka Shockerz, is one of the rising stars signed to the world wide known Scantraxx Recordz.

When he first got in contact with Hardstyle he immediately knew that this was what he wanted. Living and loving the music he decided to make the music his own. Dedicated and through hard work his first release 'My Music' became an instant hit and was supported by The Prophet, Frontliner, Krusaders and many more.

As a producer, he really puts his emotions into his music. Hard kicks, catchy melodies and energetic sounds are his trademark. And that is exactly what you feel on the dance floor, that's what makes his music so unique.

Working hard on a lot of new projects, solo tracks and collaborations with well-known DJ's, he is assured to rise to the top.

Nowadays he spend all his time in the studio developing a new sound, a sound he describes himself as 'Big Room'. Tracks that are meant to be played at the big events, with your hands in the air and living the moment. His new track 'Rise Like The Sun', the result of many hours and dedication, is released on the new XXlerator - Volume 1 Compilation CD mixed by Ran-D, and Scantraxx 066. The tracks is getting full support from the big shots in the scene like The Prophet, Ran-D and Headhunterz, who are taking his tracks worldwide. With his new style and tracks he is trying to create a sound that tells you:

"Take everything and live for the moment, Live like everything else just disappears... No past, No future, No problems - just the moment"

Track previews (click play)